Monday, June 28, 2010

The Summer of Blog

I'm not usually one to jump in and do something that everyone else is doing, especially where technology is concerned. I was one of the last people in Orange County, California to get a cell phone. I don't often text. I don't have TIVO. Up until a about week ago, I had less than fifteen friends on facebook. I haven't read the Twilight Series. And I don't blog.

There are two major reasons. One: I'm not crazy about falling down rabbit holes. Anything that's going to become a time suck is dangerous for me and my compulsive personality. Two: (and this is hard to admit in writing) I guess I'm a bit of a snob. If it's loved by the masses, maybe it's not quite good enough for me?

But here are some cultural phenomenons I jumped on and seriously enjoyed:
The Harry Potter series (didn't start reading them until book six was out; am currently wearing my Dumbledore's Army t-shirt)
American Idol (David Cook and Simon Cowel are two of my great loves)
Starbucks coffee (you've won me over, you green-labeled black nectar)
the music of Taylor Swift
facebook (I found my long-lost maid of honor and the male fixture of my major teenage rebellion in the same week! The latter I did not friend)

So, though I once wrote -- and hope to again someday -- for a paycheck, I'm joining the masses of people who write for the love of it. I have thoughts. I'd like to share them. It is June 28th, and this shall be my Summer of Blog.

It was tough coming up with a name, for I hope to write on a number of subjects: from motherhood and housewifedom, to quilting, baking, faith, friendship, finding fabulous junk at garage sales, and the mouse currently living in my pantry. Perhaps I'll read the Twilight Series, and blog about that. Hopefully, someone will find it soulful. Possibly, some quilter out there in the universe will pick up the word "scraps." I almost called it "scrappysoul," since that's basically how I feel about myself and my variety of interests, but was concerned people might leave off the first "s." In any case, scraps of thoughts that can be pieced together into something if not profound, then at least amusing, seems to be what blogging is about. So here I go... Bandwagon, anyone?


  1. I love blogs! I'll jump on this bandwagon for sure! :-)

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  3. I've always loved hearing what you have to say, Amanda! I'll jump on too.

  4. Good for you Amanda!!! You are a wonderful writer and I can't wait to read your blog. It takes a lot of courage to blog. I am proud of you!

  5. I'm with you! Love your writing style... to me, you are funny, stylish, insightful, encouraging, honest, sweet, tangy, crazy, smart, oh... and so much more. Maybe that could be a blog! =)