Sunday, August 15, 2010

Not Cranky Any More, a Gratitude List

Is it any fun to read what someone is thankful for? I can't make it funny like I can my complaints. But just home from an evening swimming with Aunt Kari and Uncle Cody, and remembering what summer fun is supposed to feel like. After two days of serious crankiness, I'd like to reboot with my gratitude list for this evening.

1. Thank you to the community planners of my neighborhood, who, back in the 1970s, built this beautiful swimming lagoon -- water slides and all -- where I can take my kids.

2. Thank you to same for including a very close parking lot, warm showers, and a bathroom.

3. Thanks to Ralphs grocery for putting graham crackers, Hershey bars, and juice boxes all on sale on the same day.

4. Thanks be to God for our wonderful siblings, all of whom are stand-up kind of people and two of whom married stand-up kind of spouses. (Just to be clear, the others aren't married yet but I'm sure will chose well when the time comes.)

5. Thanks be to God for my two beautiful nieces and one more on the way.

6. Thanks to our parents, who raised us to love each other and never compete with one another. These beautiful relationships mean our kids have the priceless gift of cousins, plus aunts and uncles who spoil and love on them.

7. Thanks to our neighbor for a bundle of really old, really dry firewood that made a righteous bonfire.

8. And finally, thanks to the inventor of the s'more. I love you, whoever, wherever you are.

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