Friday, October 8, 2010

My Own Personal Pensieve

Any Harry Potter fans out there? In the books, Professor Dumbledore has a fabulous magical device called a pensieve. When he finds that his brain gets overloaded with thoughts and memories, he takes his wand to his temple and draws out the thought in a silvery strand, then deposits it in a stone basin that keeps the memory preserved and leaves his mind less burdened.

This blog is my pensieve, my way to take all my thoughts about life and mothering and my laundry room and friendship and homeowners associations, and wrap them up into a nice manageable and somewhat lasting little cyber-package. Or, perhaps a better analogy, if you'll forgive this little nod to my title, these are my little scraps of soul that I cut up and piece together into something that comforts me.

Recently, my husband says things to me in the car and I realize I haven't heard the first few sentences he says because I am blogging in my brain. (This is not unlike what happens in reverse when he is listening to ESPN radio; ironically, for me ESPN radio is perfect white noise to me, and gives me lots of room to think of things to say). Once an idea takes hold in my brain that I might want to write about, the only way for me to get it to stop circulating is to get it down on the screen, and I'm a little distracted until that happens. So thanks to any of you who have been reading this and making me feel that this therapeutic exercise I do for myself might be amusing or helpful to someone else.

I'm off for a long weekend with my family, a dear friend, and her family. I get some of my best ideas on road trips, especially when I they involve ocean views, pumpkin picking, long walks, and wine tasting, as this one does. Where will my thoughts go without a keyboard at my fingertips? Well some of them I'll tell to hubby, who will listen as long as there isn't any sports on the radio. The rest will swirl around until I make it back to my laptop. I'll miss you, Blog, my own personal pensieve. Have a good weekend.


  1. I read every single word!! So thank you for taking time to get those thoughts that are circulating in your head down on paper (computer) for me to read.
    I hope you had a fantastic weekend and I'll bet you had some food for thought.... so you have more to blog :) Looking forward it.

  2. Mine, too. Everything (?) that I want to remember about Eryn when she grows up. Plus some!