Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Victory in the Laundry Room

I have met the enemy, and she is me.

Friends, I have just emerged victorious from a four-day battle with my laundry room, also known as Command Central: the room where all our household, craft, and sewing supplies are kept. This is where things I still need to return to Target go to die. It is the home of tangled thread, dust bunnies, and mismatched socks. Here, items that no one uses but we can't decide whether we should sell, donate or pass on to our nieces, sit under piles of party napkins (usually crumpled and too small in number to be of any use at a party).

I wish I could blame someone else for this. True, I have a lot to manage as Mommy. But it's mostly because I have over-developed creative urges that this room gets so out of control. Occasionally, I have to turn my kitchen into a one-woman sweat shop for three or four days because the only way to clean up is to finish several projects that are strewn about.

Here's something I know about myself: if it's at all difficult to put something away, I shan't put it away. But finally, I have come up with some good systems that will hopefully change the entire way my life functions. Ha ha.

New items of note:
* Wall mounted thread holders with all the threads color coded. I have sixteen spools that could be considered in the white and beige spectrum; it's like the paint counter in Lowe's!

* New bulletin board that actually accepts pushpins into its cork (last one I had for five years was defective) holds emergency numbers, party invitations, business cards from favorite fabric shops, and encouraging greeting cards from friends. (Actually, the one in the center I gave to my husband. It says: "I can stay calm in a crisis because I'm usually the cause.")

*Boxes of fabric (14!) organized by color are now in full view from my usual position at the stove/kitchen sink, so I can be inspired while I do uninspiring things like scrubbing last night's baking pans.

*Children's crafts are now at their eye-level, except for the paint and play dough which I don't want them to get to without me.

* All static guard, sunscreen, and stain remover that passed its expiration date two years ago has been discarded.

* One shelf has been designated "Empty Space" for the rotation of current projects (This should last about 48 hours).

So, for now, I am celebrating a small housewifely victory. Tomorrow, perhaps I will clean out the pantry.

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