Friday, July 9, 2010

A Strong Tower

This week I bought my daughter a shirt with a picture of marshmallow Peeps on it that said, rather cleverly, "Where my Peeps at?"

She had to explain its meaning to her Grandma: "Grammy, it means, like, 'Where are all my girlfriends?'"

I really wish they made that shirt in my size. 'Cause y'all, I really love my peeps. Tonight I got to spend some quality time with three of the quality women in my life, along with about 3,600 other ladies at the Lifeway Convention at Mariners Church, featuring Bible teacher Beth Moore.

About 20 minutes into worship time, we were singing about God being a strong tower, our safe refuge. I was overwhelmed with a few thoughts at that moment.

In the last year,these friends have faced the kinds of circumstances that would make a woman feel anything but safe: financial crisis, upheaval in major relationships, betrayal, heartbreak, and a child diagnosed with cancer. And each of them has faced those circumstances with integrity, grace, transparency, and above all, faith. And tonight, they were worshiping their Father, confirming what I have seen displayed in their lives over the last 12 months: that the love of God is real, sustaining, and bigger than their life circumstances.

And I was reminded that God has provided for them, not always with resolution of their circumstances. He has given them Himself: a strong tower, a loving Father, a rock amidst stormy seas. I have prayed for them, too meekly, too infrequently. But God has answered in a much bigger way than I would have planned.

So where my peeps at? In God's capable hands.

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  1. Beautiful post. I'm sure you have been arms for your friends to lean into when needed.
    I know the Beth Moore evening must have been amazing. The worship leader (Travis) is the worship leader at the church where all of my Brother's family attend in Jackson, TN... and Daniel is the husband of Christy Mann ... Jeff graduated from EDHS with her. Small world, huh?