Thursday, July 15, 2010

This is My Song

I'm a lucky, lucky gal. To date, I've had three songs written about me. My dad, who's a great singer and guitar player, wrote a song for each of my brothers and me when we were born. My husband also wrote me a song back when we were dating (don't worry, Sweetie, I'm not going to publish that one).

But my favorite by far is the song my six year old daughter Sophia wrote out for me, music notes and all, for my birthday today. It's so charming, especially in her kindergarten phonetics(see above). This is shameless, but it's my birthday, and I'll brag about her if I want to. It's titled, in her spelling, "o Mthr o Mthr." I've translated it below.

O Mother O Mother
What would I do
without you
O Mother O Mother
You are like stars in the sky
you love me
you know me
I know I can trust you
O Mother O Mother
you are a bird in the sky
and that is why
I love you

I've heard it said, "I wish I were the person my dog thinks I am." Well, I hope to be the person my daughter thinks I am! Isn't it humbling, mommies, to see that with all our mistakes, they still know they can trust us?

Now, someone out there, remind me to read this again when she's sixteen.

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